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Mazraa, Beirut
The bamboo charcoal air purifying bag has the characteristics of fine and porous, hard texture, good air permeability, etc.
Aarbaniyeh, Baabda
The bamboo charcoal bag odor absorber is placed in the refrigerator, closet, shoe cabinet, bathroom, car, etc.,
Copper Alloys
Dalad, Inner Mongolia (NM)
Copper Alloys
Bchamoun, Aley
The control of moisture is closely related to the yield of the product. In the case of food, bacteria and mold in food will
Desiccant refers to a substance that can remove moisture from moist materials. It is often divided into two categories: chemical desiccants
Bsarma, Koura
Flat/Oval Tubes
Anula, NT
Folding large container is one of our main product that is widely used in the storage and transportation of automotive parts and hardware industries.
Bedghane, Aley
Toppo Lighting Company Limited is one of the professional manufacturers specializing in the development, production and sales of LED lighting.
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Bsarma, Koura
portable site office, container office supplier, office container manufacturers
Aaraya, Baabda
Food preservatives such as oxygen removal packets and oxygen absorber packets are used to prevent deterioration of foods
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