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Best Commencement Speeches Of All Time
7/12/2020 David G. Allan
Graduation speeches contain inspiration, warnings, hope, calls to action and parables
All the Gear That Should Live in Your Car's Trunk
7/12/2020 Matt Jancer
From reflective warning triangles to jump-start cables, here's everything you need to avoid being stranded on the road.
Ellen Degeneres Isn’t As Nice As She Wants You to Believe
7/12/2020 Dana Kennedy
TV host Ellen DeGeneres ends each show by imploring viewers to be kind -- but some sources say she's forgotten how to be that way herself.
You Can Now Attend VR Meetings—No Headset Required
Virtual-reality workspace startup Spatial is offering a free version for users. All you need is a web browser.
Does Eating Yogurt Aid Weight Loss?
7/12/2020 Somdatta Saha
Yogurt is light on stomach and easy to digest, hence is often dubbed to be good for shedding extra kilos.
5 Drinks You Should Avoid If You Want A Flat Stomach
7/12/2020 Holly Smith
It’s generally easy to determine the foods we eat that lead to bloating as it’s a bodily reaction and feeling we, unfortunately, feel almost immediately after eating, but what about the things we’re drinking that may contribute to bloating, too?
Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Selling Beverly Hills Mansion For $14M
7/11/2020 James McClain
Hollywood power couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are looking to shake things up in LA.’s high-end real estate market, which has lately been mired in the doldrums — a byproduct of coronavirus chaos.
Hipsters Are Turning Cattle Troughs Into Swimming Pools
7/11/2020 Jane Ridley
Not wanting to risk ridicule about the aesthetic — or definite lack thereof — of a much cheaper plastic above-ground pool, hipsters have come up with the perfect solution.
Prospects Uncertain For Further East Mediterranean Gas Development
7/11/2020 Stuart Elliott
IOC drilling off Cyprus on hold after cuts. Lebanon offshore could be non-starter. Carbon constraints could leave gas stranded.