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Five Action Words You Should Always Include On Your Resume
6/11/2020 Lad S
When working on your resume, you’ll always want to include the action phrases that really showcase what you’ve done, what you’re ready to offer, and the positive outcomes that will come along with you if your future employer chooses to hire you.
Working Late Regularly Puts You At Risk For This Extremely Serious Medical Condition
6/8/2020 CW Headley
In the midst of the largest remote work movement ever recorded, research is beginning to build a case against labor standards of the recent past.
Make This Tiny Punctuation Mistake On Your Cover Letter And You May Not Get Hired
6/5/2020 CW Headley
Following a series of ongoing studies, Microsoft has officially decided that one space after a period is correct, as opposed to two.
How To Determine Which Employees Are Toxic When Working Remotely
6/5/2020 Robert Carnevale
Though it may seem like toxicity is something most deeply rooted in physical, in-person interactions with contentious coworkers, there’s most definitely such a thing as employees who are toxic remotely.
Lebanon Trade Deficit Shrinks By 56 Percent
5/29/2020 Gisele Khalaf
The real trade deficit narrowed by 56 percent to $1.1 billion. The official trade deficit shrank by 51 percent to $2 billion. Food imports dropped from $308 million to $186 million during that period.
Remote Work Has Its Perks, Until You Want a Promotion
5/29/2020 TOM SIMONITE
Companies like Facebook and Twitter expect many employees to work far from headquarters after the pandemic. That calls for a change in corporate cultures.
Tired Of Corporate Politics Limiting Your Career?
5/29/2020 Nihar Chhaya
Not only are many executives incompetent at truly leading and exerting broad influence within their organization, but many individual contributors and junior managers are more adept at building relationships.
The 7 Biggest Job Search Mistakes (That Are The Easiest To Fix!)
5/26/2020 Dawn Graham
With the success of remote roles, companies are broadening their search criteria beyond the local geography. So, you can’t afford to make amateur errors in your job search if you want to land the role.
The 1 Rule Highly Successful People Follow and Never Break
5/26/2020 Nicolas Cole
On the outside, successful people tend to look like they don’t have a care in the world. Everything is going according to plan. They have what they need, when they need it.
How Many Workers Are Napping While Working From Home?
5/26/2020 Kathy Morris
Over 50% of people admit to spending time during work hours on social media, surfing the net, and texting. Workers who watch their kids while working are 6% more likely to nap.
6 Tips For Making Your Newly Remote Workers Feel Valued While Working From Home
5/26/2020 Rashan Dixon
Fully integrating workers into your company is no small task even during normal times, but it’s become much more difficult in just the last several weeks.
A 3-Minute Hack For Focus You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
5/25/2020 Tim Denning
Binaural Beats gives your ears a constant level of noise that blocks out any background sounds and focuses your brain on the task at hand — in my case, the creative work of writing.
$20 Million Agribusiness Fund Ready For Launch By MEFOSA
5/23/2020 Shikrallah Nakhoul
The fund will invest in agribusiness such as dairy production and canned food as well as in auxiliary sectors such as cold storage warehouses, farms, and food-packing houses.
11 Signs You Are Working With A Psychopath
5/16/2020 Meredith Lepore
What are the chances that you actually work with with a psychopath? We know there are certain professions that draw more psychopaths than others - and one of the top ones may rhyme with schmoyers.
What You Should Wear to a Job Interview
5/10/2018 Paige Breaux
What to wear to an interview – whether it’s business casual, creative or informal
Why We Get Stressed When We Get Home
5/1/2018 Caroline Beaton
After-work anxiety: Why we get stressed when we get home
Why Transformational Travel Is Becoming Increasingly Popular
4/30/2018 Ade Holder
Transformational travel is becoming increasingly popular — Here is what you need to know.
Questions to Ask a Recruiter
4/30/2018 Andrea Sobel
10 questions to ask a recruiter (and 1 to avoid)
How to Follow up a Resume Submission
4/30/2018 Lisa Vaas
How soon is too soon to send an e-mail or make a phone call after a resume submission? When does persistence become annoyance?
Landing the Interview
4/18/2014 Jim
Useful tips
How to Find the Right Job for You
4/18/2014 Heather
Find the Right Job for You