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4/13/2018 Najib
وكالة "بلومبرغ" الاقتصادية أن السعودية تتطلع إلى أن يكون مستوى أسعار النفط عند 80 دولارا للبرميل، لخدمة استراتيجيتها ودعم تقييم عملاق النفط "أرامكو" قبل طرحه العام الأولي
Monday Morning Husky
10/25/2016 Staff
Monday Morning Husky - Funny!
Seth Myers Debate Parody
10/12/2016 House
Seth Myers Debate Parody - Clinton vs Drumpf 2nd Debate
How to Find the PC for You
4/18/2014 Hillary
  • On Tuesday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun met with U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea to express Lebanon’s keenness on continuing “friendly and cooperative relations with the United States after the inauguration of President Joe Biden.” During the meeting, Aoun announced Lebanon’s readiness to restart maritime borders demarcation negotiations with Israel based on the proposals presented in previous meetings. The U.S.-mediated border negotiations, which started in October, went sour in December due to complications related to Lebanon’s new demands for an additional 1,430 […]

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  • Lebanon recorded 3,505 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on Tuesday, the Health Ministry’s report on the epidemic revealed. This raises the total of infection cases registered since the beginning of the outbreak to 285,754, of which 114,528 are active, considering that 168,749 patients have undergone full recovery and 2,477 others have passed away due to the disease. In the past 24 hours, 607 recoveries and 73 virus-related deaths were recorded in the country. In the same period, 18,665 PCR tests were […]

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  • Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH) received a donation from UNHCR that has enabled it to expand its intensive care unit’s capacity. Firass Abiad, the director-general of RHUH, revealed the donation in a series of tweets on Tuesday. “Last Wednesday, RHUH received a kind donation from UNHCR Lebanon. The donation consisted of 10 beds, ventilators, and monitors, sufficient to expand our ICU capacity,” Abiad tweeted. “The challenge given to our engineering and maintenance team: how quickly can we set them up,” […]

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  • Lebanon will launch an online registration platform on Thursday to help organize the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, starting with priority registration for healthcare workers. The launch, which was initially scheduled for Monday of this week, was postponed for Tuesday then again for Thursday. Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan, who was hospitalized for contracting the COVID-19 virus, was discharged last week and has resumed his ministry’s work on Monday. In preparation for the vaccination phase, Hassan held expanded meetings with […]

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  • For both good and bad reasons, Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most talked-about video games in the past few weeks. Since its release, it has made headlines over and over again, probably none as odd as this one. Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 has “Baalbek arak” as a consumable for the protagonist… But there’s a twist about it that not many Lebanese will be as enthusiastic about. For the uninitiated, consumables in video games are items that the main character […]

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  • Israeli military vehicles crossed the barbed wire fence on the border with Lebanon as Israeli violations of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSC) 1701 continue. On Tuesday afternoon, an Israeli tank crossed the barbed wire in the locality of Kroum Al-Sharqi, in the border town of Mays Al-Jabal, South Lebanon, the National News Agency (NNA) reported. It was supported by a second tank and a military jeep, while more than 10 Israeli soldiers were deployed between the Blue Line and […]

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