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4/13/2018 Najib
وكالة "بلومبرغ" الاقتصادية أن السعودية تتطلع إلى أن يكون مستوى أسعار النفط عند 80 دولارا للبرميل، لخدمة استراتيجيتها ودعم تقييم عملاق النفط "أرامكو" قبل طرحه العام الأولي
Monday Morning Husky
10/25/2016 Staff
Monday Morning Husky - Funny!
Seth Myers Debate Parody
10/12/2016 House
Seth Myers Debate Parody - Clinton vs Drumpf 2nd Debate
How to Find the PC for You
4/18/2014 Hillary
  • Tensions escalated to a breaking point in downtown Beirut as the “Freedom March,” an event organized by a coalition of alternative political parties and civil society organizations, came under attack. A group of young individuals descended upon the march, disrupting its peaceful procession and sparking violent clashes. These assailants were quick to allege that the march was in support of LGBTQ+ rights, a claim that has ignited heated debates and divided opinions. As the situation unfolded, the march organizers and […]

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  • According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2024, the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanese American University (LAU), and Beirut Arab University (BAU) have snagged the top three spots in Lebanon. Lebanese University came right after securing fourth place among the top universities in Lebanon. Amidst all the dangers and difficulties that are shadowing Lebanon, its future, and its youth, it is refreshing to find out that there is still hope. Lebanon has always relied on the […]

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  • Lebanese novelist Amin Maalouf was just named the new Secretary-General of the French Academy. The election occurred this week, with Maalouf declared winner, as reported by French media outlets. You might recall that Maalouf is also a Goncourt Prize laureate celebrated for his novel “The Rock of Tanios.” In the honorable race for this esteemed position, it was a choice between Maalouf and French writer Jean-Christophe Ruffin. The duo were the sole contenders, vying to fill the void left by […]

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  • The Civil Defense Marine Rescue Unit recently carried out a rescue operation for a large sea turtle at Zouk Mikael Beach. The turtle sustained injuries to its head due to an accidental collision with a boat propeller. Starting their mission three days ago, the team provided immediate medical assistance to the sea creature. In a coordinated effort, animal welfare organizations and veterinarians also joined in. They unanimously agreed that treating the turtle on the spot was the best course of […]

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  • Stephanie Atala is making waves, clinching the Best Asian Actress Award for her groundbreaking role in “Iman.” The accolade was presented at the prestigious Septimius Awards International Festival held in Amsterdam. Decked out in style, Stephanie graced the awards ceremony and later shared snapshots and clips with her fans. The event was a star-studded affair, featuring an ensemble of international celebrities. In her social media posts, Stephanie expressed her gratitude: “Very grateful, a milestone in my career.” She continued, “Winner […]

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  • Lebanon, known for its rich culture and vibrant spirit, also has a knack for creating some of the funniest memes on the internet. From witty commentary on daily life to hilarious takes on current events, Lebanese memes have a unique charm that can make anyone laugh. In this compilation, we’ve gathered 40 of the most rib-tickling Lebanese memes that are sure to make your day brighter. Whether you’re a local or just someone who appreciates good humor, these memes are […]

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